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Precooked Egg Entrees
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All precooked egg products are made from a blend of quality USDA inspected, pasteurized eggs, with only the finest added ingredients designed to create delicious flavor, desired texture and appearance. Our IQF head and serve egg products are perfect for various applications such as "Quick Service" feeding, buffets, component manufacturing, sandwich building, industrial catering and mass institutional feeding.
Perfect as an entree or sandwich component.
MF 3034 96/ 2 oz.
(Half-Moon Plain Omelet)
MF 3006 84/ 3 oz.
(Half-Moon Plain Omelet)
MF 3035 96/ 2.5 oz.
(Half-Moon Omelet with Cheese)
MF 3007 72/ 3.5 oz.
(Half-Moon Omelet with Cheese)
MF 3021 96/ 2.5 oz.
(Garden Vegetable Omelet with Cheese)
MF 3020 96/ 2.5 oz.
(Garden Vegetable Omelet with Cheese)
MF 3047 120/ 2 oz.
(Cheese Omelet for Schools)
MF 3085 72/ 3.5 oz.
(Colby Cheese Omelet))
MF 3046MIL 50/ 3 oz.
(Double Fold Cheese Omelet, boil in a bag)
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